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Support The Carpentries $30K Individual Contributions Fundraising Goal

I keep a picture of my grandmother in my line of sight at my desk. Every now and then I shift my eyes from my computer screen to her lovely face for inspiration. She believed in community, higher education, and the value of contributing what you could to help others. She taught me these values, and how to use my voice to empower others to realise their potential. I am so grateful for the values she instilled in me. These values drive my work and philanthropic engagement. I am passionate about this organisation because my personal values directly align with our Nine Core Values. I am where I need to be.

As I write this letter, we are approaching 200 workshops taught globally this year, despite unprecedented circumstances. For that, I thank you. In my last letter to our community I shared my desire for The Carpentries to continue to identify various pathways for involvement and engagement. Today I invite you to engage with us by making a monetary contribution.

Our community is composed of volunteers from all walks of life. Through our programs, we are working to dismantle the broken power structures and resource distribution that negatively impact marginalized communities around the world. We are empowering diverse groups of people to work with data and code. We are building global capacity with values that have and will continue to shape the way we grow inclusive computational communities.

To continue in this work, our goal is to raise $30,000 USD through individual contributions and $100,000 in organisational contributions by December 31, 2020.

Your contribution will help The Carpentries:

  • Offer greater diversity in the spoken languages we teach and interact in.
  • Recognize and appreciate the different cultural norms that exist around data, programming, teaching, and volunteering in different regions to improve our programs and services.
  • Collaborate with existing organisations to reach broader communities.
  • Authentically engage broader communities, working with, not for them.

Help us as we envision to be the leading inclusive community teaching data and coding skills. Contributing any amount will make a big difference - we value all contributions. Your contribution will allow The Carpentries to expand into new geographies and new disciplines, and can help bring workshops to individuals who might otherwise have barriers to participation.

Thank you for being a valued contributor to The Carpentries. If you have questions or would like to discuss your contribution, please get in touch.

In service,
Kari L. Jordan Signature

By donating to The Carpentries at either the $60 or $100 levels, you will receive a gift card to select and purchase an item featuring designs crafted specifically for this campaign:

You Belong in The Carpentries Design

We are so proud of our work with The Carpentries, and by supporting us at those levels, you will be able to show your pride too.

We hope you enjoy the designs!

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