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The Carpentries Blog

What is the reward for empowering others?

May Community Call: Restructuring the Carpentries

Instructor Training in South Africa 2.0

How to print our lessons?

Plans for Windows Installer

Data Carpentry Genomics comes to the Netherlands

The Netherlands eScience Center in collaboration with University Medical Center Utrecht, SURFsara and DTL/ELIXIR-NL organized one of the first Data Carpentry Genomics workshops in Europe.

Call for Contributions: Moving Ahead with Genomics Data Carpentry

“Get involved as we prepare for our first Issue Bonanza and Bug BBQ on the Data Carpentry Genomics lessons”

First Data Carpentry Lesson Publication

“Hundreds of contributors to the Ecology lessons first official release”

1 - 30 April, 2017: Library Carpentry, Instructor training, relevant to Learning.

Library Carpentry sprint in June

Instructor Training in Puerto Rico

“Building community through training and coding”

Instructor Training in Puerto Rico

Software tools for unix shell: Survey and April community call

Bug BBQ squashes bugs!

“Over 75 pull requests from the Issue Bonanza and Bug BBQ”

Data Carpentry supports I4OC

Promoting the unrestricted availability of scholarly citation data

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