Apply to Become a Carpentry Instructor Trainer!

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

The Carpentry community is growing! This month we welcomed ten new Instructor Trainers to our community. Now we are looking for the next group of new Trainers.

Carpentry Instructor Trainers run instructor training workshops, lead online teaching demonstrations, and engage with the Trainer community about how best to train new instructors. Trainers are also actively involved in developing and maintaining the instructor training curriculum. We meet regularly to discuss our teaching experiences and stay up to date on policies, procedures, and changes to our curriculum.

The Trainers are an eclectic group. Some of us have formal training in pedagogy, some are experienced Carpentry instructors, others run Carpentry-like trainings as part of their jobs, and others pitch in on their own free time. We all share a commitment to helping new instructor trainees become familiar and comfortable with Carpentry teaching practices and principles.

More detailed information about what Trainers do can be found here.

Trainers-in-training meet one hour a week for eight weeks to engage in a series of discussions around teaching pedagogy and creating welcoming classroom environments. After completing this part of the training, new Trainers shadow a teaching demonstration and part of an online instructor training event. Trainers-in-training also attend regular meetings of the Trainer community. This group of Trainers will start meeting in July and be eligable to teach instructor trainings by September.

If you’re interested in joining the Trainer community, please apply here! Applications will be open until June 14th.

If you have any questions about the training process or the expecations for being a Trainer, please get in touch with Erin.

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