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First Data Carpentry Lesson Publication

“Hundreds of contributors to the Ecology lessons first official release”

This post originally appeared on the Data Carpentry website

Data Carpentry has published its first set of lessons on Zenodo! The path to get here has included hundreds of people who contributed to these lessons, taught them, used them and learned from them. All the feedback, perspectives and contributions have gone back into the lessons to make them better and keep them updated and relevant. With the Issue Bonanza and the Bug BBQ, the community became the reviewers and editors of these lessons before publication. True peer review!

Every Software and Data Carpentry lesson truly are the community’s lessons. Like the Boy Scout rule “Leave the campground cleaner than you found it”, everyone has been amazing stewards, leaving the lessons better than they found them. This culture and community ownership is what makes the Carpentry lessons possible. So, in these releases you’ll see that every contributor is an author, and thank you to everyone who was involved!

A particular thank you to Erin Becker and Francois Michonneau who oversaw and worked on the whole release process, from PRs and issues to thinking about and creating process and the technicalities of the release.

Also a special thank you to our maintainers, who work not only to review pull requests and solve technical problems, but also create a welcoming place for new contributors.

There is now a release, but there’s always opportunities to make things better and they’re never done, so now is time to get back to some of those ‘after lesson release’ issues and start putting in new ones. Happy lesson-ing!

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