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The Carpentries Blog

It's a Wrap! The 4th Library Carpentry-Mozilla Global Sprint Concludes.

63 sprinters from 8 countries and 35 institutions took part in the May 2019 sprint.

Financial Updates

Planning for The Carpentries' financial sustainability

Q2 Project Work at The Carpentries

Here's what The Carpentries team is working on in the second quarter of 2019.

Call for 2019 Mentoring Group Participation

Join a mentoring group!

The Carpentries in Australia: Community Discussion Summary

A summary of our community call on Carpentries activities in Australia

Tips and Tricks for Teaching R

Bianca Peterson & Katrin Tirok share their tried-and-tested tips and tricks for teaching R

Diversity is our Goal. Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility is how we get there.

Join the Community Discussion 21-22 May for Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Planning

36 lessons will be published, which ones will you contribute to?

Preparing for the June 2019 lesson release

Genomics Workshop Pilot and BugBBQ at University of Arizona

Help prepare the Genomics lessons for release in June!

Carpentries Community Discussion Sessions - A Primer for New Discussion Hosts

Looking to host a Carpentries Community Discussion? See Martin Dreyer's pointers

Constructing The Carpentries Community in Canada

Meet the Canadian Regional Coordinators

Introducing the New Carpentries Instructor Development Committee

Our Instructor Development Committee has a strong team of six to lead its activities over the next year

What have the Library Carpentry Maintainers been working on?

An update on what the Library Carpentry Maintainers have been working on since January 2019.

Standing with our Code of Conduct

Response to DataCamp blog post

What’s New at ORCID? A Joint Library Carpentries/ORCID Webinar!

What's new at ORCID? Learn about new features available via ORCID's API 3.0 to connect and share more of your own and community's contributions.

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