Announcing the June 2019 lesson release!

With great thanks to the more than 1100 people who have made this lesson release possible.

As a community committed to iterative improvement, our lessons are never done. Every day, Maintainers receive feedback and contributions to help our lessons run more smoothly, stay up to date with technology changes, and be accessible to more audiences. Despite (or maybe because of!) this constant improvement, it’s important to take the time to celebrate our progress and to give credit to the hundreds of people who make our lessons the wonderful resource they are for the tens of thousands of learners who attend our workshops and use our materials online.

Last month, we announced that Maintainers for thirty-six of The Carpentries lessons were preparing their lessons for publication. This preparation included making sure that all of the structural components of the lessons were in place (learning objectives, key-points, time estimates), that the whole lesson rendered correctly, and that all exercises and code chunks worked as expected. This was a significant piece of work and required the coordinated effort of many of our lesson Maintainers, dedicated contributors, and our staff Curriculum Team.

Thanks to the more than 1100 of you who contributed, twenty-seven lessons were successfully released on Zenodo. The final list of newly-released lessons is:

Data Carpentry Lessons in English

Library Carpentry Lessons

Software Carpentry Lessons in English

The Carpentries Lessons

The following lessons also participated in this lesson release push. Although they didn’t quite get over the finish line for this release, we want to take this opportunity to recognize all of the work the Maintainers and contributors to those lessons have done in working towards this release.

If you don’t see your name listed as an author for a lesson you contributed to, please let us know by contacting and by providing your GitHub username and the lesson(s) you contributed to. Whether you contributed 300 commits, or corrected a single typo - your efforts have made our lessons better, easier for new Instructors to teach, and easier for independent learners to use as a resource. Our lessons are never done. Your pull requests, issues, comments, and other feedback continue to be welcome as you encounter new learner challenges, bring our lessons into new communities, and, yes, continue to correct the inevitable typos. A heartfelt thank you from The Carpentries staff team to all of our Maintainers, contributors, and Instructors for creating these wonderful resources.

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