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University of the Western Cape’s first Data Carpentry Workshop of 2021

Lessons included data organising and cleaning in spreadsheets and with OpenRefine, and data analysis and visualisation with R and RStudio

Attend an Onboarding Session to Become a Carpentries Discussion Host

New information about upcoming Discussion Host onboarding sessions for anyone interested in facilitating community calls and themed discussions in The Carpentries.

2020 Annual and Financial Reports

The yearly Annual and Financial reports for 2020 are now available to read and share

Our First Workshop - Bioinformatics Hub of Kenya

Originally posted on the Bioinformatics Hub of Kenya website, this blog post highlights learnings from the BHKi's first R workshop on 24 and 25 March 2021

Incubator Lesson Spotlight: Bash and R for Metagenomics

Highlighting this lesson from The Carpentries Incubator, Bash and R for Metagenomics.

Library Carpentry’s Journey: Seeding the Future

Read on to learn about Library Carpentry's expansion, funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services

Introducing Michael Culshaw-Maurer

Dr. Michael Culshaw-Maurer joins The Carpentries as a joint postdoctoral researcher with CyVerse

Core Team 'Acc-athon' to Add Alt Text Across Carpentries Curricula

Carpentries Core Team gets a start on alt text updates for Carpentries lessons

Incubator Lesson Spotlight: Python for Business

Highlighting this lesson from The Carpentries Incubator, teaching Python for Business.

The Carpentries Strategic Plan: One Year Update

Read on to see how we are progressing towards goals outlined in our Strategic Plan for 2020-2025

Foundations of Astronomical Data Science - Call for Beta Pilot Applications

Apply to host or teach a beta pilot workshop for the newest Data Carpentry curriculum

Carpentries Trainer Training May-July 2021

Apply to become an Instructor Trainer and shape the next generation of Carpentries Instructors!

Announcing The Python Software Foundation Scientific Working Group grant

Read on to learn more about Carpentries Instructor Vini Salazar’s work to develop the Carpentries Python Curriculum

Pondering on the Question of Community Sustainability

This post provides a summary of discussions and takeaways from the Community Sustainability session that Serah Njambi Kiburu and Toby Hodges facilitated at the March 2021 SORSE workshop

Welcome to Trainers Leadership!

Please welcome the 5 new members of the Trainers Leadership group

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