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The Carpentries Blog

RStudio's Instructor Training Program

How Rstudio's instructor training builds on the Carpentries.

Catching Up on Executive Council Policy Making

Here's an update from The Carpentries Executive Council about recent and ongoing work, and with links to relevant resources

The Carpentries Canadian Community Discussion

Chat with Canadian Regional Coordinators

Livening Up Live Coding

Matt Dray shares lessons from the trainer workshop about audience needs and positive instructor behaviour when running participatory live coding

Thank you all!

In this post, Chris Erdmann reflects on his time as Library Carpentry Community & Development Director ahead of his last day.

Lessons learned from the Community Discussion on Burnout

Prevent burnout by being welcoming and sharing experiences in everyday conversations.

Q3 and Q4 Project Work at The Carpentries

Here's what The Carpentries team accomplished in Q2 and Q3 2019, and a look into work that will continue in Q4 2019.

New Zealand Community Holds Its First Carpentries Chat

Community members gather to discuss Carpentries successes and challenges in Dunedin, New Zealand

The Carpentries Community Champions Call - September 2019

The Community Champions discussed how they grow their local communities

Code of Conduct Mandate Task Force Releases Recommendations

The Carpentries should be a leader in ensuring that our community is a safe and welcoming space.

Introducing Updated Workshop Request Forms and More

Navigating organising a Carpentries Workshop

Continued support from IMLS for Library Carpentry

California Digital Library receives supplemental grant from IMLS for Library Carpentry

Carpentries Values Project - An Update and Call for Input

Find out more about The Carpentries values project. Answer three questions and help us articulate our community values

Mentoring Groups Virtual Showcase: Oct 15 at 19:00 UTC

Curious about mentoring groups?

Instructor Trainer Training: Knowing When to Hold ‘Em

Trainer Training Postponed

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