The Carpentries Tagathon - Our Hacktoberfest Initiative

This October, read and suggest relevant tags for posts published on The Data Carpentry, Library Carpentry and Software Carpentry blogs

Love our blog posts? Want to read more of them, help make them easier to find and share them with others? Join our Tagathon October 28 - November 1 to add tags to past posts and connect with others in the community about what we learn, share and teach.

Our community at The Carpentries thrives because individuals are eager to learn from and impart their knowledge on each other. Knowledge sharing is not the preserve of our hands-on, interactive, programming workshops. Rather, from Australia, Japan, Costa Rica, South Africa, the UK and Norway, community members have time and again found new, exciting, sometimes unconventional and memorable ways to interact with each other.

Penned by our community members and published on our different websites, blog posts have proven a timeless resource - allowing people to troubleshoot tech issues, unlearn, share and pick up best practices, table new ideas for discussion, start new collaborations, and reaffirm data and programming principles.

Over time, as new members have become a part of our community and new resources have been made available, a lot of the wisdom tucked away in our blogs has remained available, but unknown to many. We want to take steps to change this.

Question on navigation by tags on the Data Carpentry blog posed by Angela Li in August 2019 Question on navigation by tags on the Data Carpentry blog posed by Angela Li and amplified by Jonah Duckles in August 2019

Thanks to continuous team discussions and the input of our community members, we have identified improving discoverability of posts on our blog as a good place to start, and adding tags to blog posts will be our first stop in this direction. As you may recall, we did some initial work around this in the second quarter of 2019, and focussed our efforts on the central Carpentries blog. You can read about our initial efforts on standardising tags on The Carpentries blog in this post.

Between October 28 and November 1 2019, we hope to run The Carpentries Tagathon - a week-long online hackathon whose aim is to add between one and three tags to each of our community posts on the Data Carpentry, Library Carpentry and Software Carpentry blogs.

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All GitHub contributions towards Carpentries Tagathon count for Instructor Checkout. For anyone submitting Pull Requests or opening tag-related issues,

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