Library Carpentry Is Now Officially a Lesson Program!

On 1 November 2018 the Executive Council approved Library Carpentry as an official Lesson Program

By Tracy Teal and Chris Erdmann

Library Carpentry is now officially a Lesson Program!

On 1 November 2018, The Carpentries Executive Council voted to officially approve Library Carpentry as a Lesson Program. It now joins Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry as official Lesson Programs. While the vote was quick, the work to become an official Lesson Program spans across many years involving many community members and their contributions. As noted in a recent blog post, over two hundred instructors and helpers have contributed to hosting, teaching, mentoring, developing, and maintaining Library Carpentry since 2015. Nearly three hundred events have been hosted by libraries since 2015 and interest from libraries in Library Carpentry and The Carpentries continues to grow. The library community’s contributions to The Carpentries is an important piece of our continued success and we too see their strategic value to growing our efforts at organisations across the world!

Our work doesn’t stop there!

Now that Library Carpentry is an official Lesson Program, we will be working over the coming weeks and months to update the community on the Program (i.e to familiarise yourself, teach it, contribute, etc). The following list, while not complete, will be our focus and community members will see announcements about these resources via our various channels:

  • Launch of Library Carpentry Carpentries-based website
  • Updated Library Carpentry Carpentries-based hex logo
  • Inclusion of Library Carpentry in Carpentries website, handbook, lesson material
  • Library Carpentry Onboarding Slides for Instructors & Online Calls for Community to Get Involved
  • Promotion of Carpentries in Libraries Community-wide Calls
  • Carpentries in Libraries Stories from the Community
  • Follow-up to The Strategic Value of Library Carpentry and The Carpentries to Libraries
  • Library Carpentry Programming at Conferences (e.g. CarpentryCon, Electronic Resources in Libraries)
  • Library Carpentry Community-wide Bug BBQ
  • Library Carpentry Happy Hacky Hour

In the meantime, join us in celebrating Library Carpentry as a Lesson Program by sending both @LibCarpentry and @thecarpentries your tweets!

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