With gratitude, to the Code of Conduct Committee

The Code of Conduct Committee continues to embody our Core Values, and for that, we are grateful.

We have a deep appreciation for the Code of Conduct Committee (CoCc). Though its main goal is to maintain, update, and enforce The Carpentries Code of Conduct (CoC), this committee has contributed to instructor training material (pull requests #950 and issue #897 , clarified overlapping responsibilities with core team members and the Executive Council, onboarded two new members (welcome Ivo and Benjamin!) and finalised its governance structure.

Additionally, the committee contributed to recommendations for incidents that fall outside its mandate (see recommendations), all while exhibiting our core values.

The revision of the Code of Conduct and supporting documents was a major project for the CoCc this year. Their work was particularly instrumental in helping us define our incident response and reporting guidelines. Involving a wider community in making decisions on handling reports that are from outside community spaces was a goal, priority, and challenge, and the committee’s approach resonated well with many in the community. The Code of Conduct committee acknowledges that, as our community evolves, they will need to continually revisit and revise our processes to ensure we are providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all people.

We cannot thank these individuals enough for the countless emails and GitHub issue responses, swift and fair decision making, thoughtfulness, and collaborative approach to the work you do. The Code of Conduct committee faced several challenges this year, and as staff liaison working closely with the committee, I am proud of the work we did.

Samantha Ahern, we thank you.
Karen Cranston (Executive Council Liaison), we thank you.
Karin Lagesen, we thank you.
Malvika Sharan, we thank you.
Simon Waldman, we thank you.
Karen Cranston, we thank you.
Ivo Arrey, we thank you.
Benjamin Schwessinger, we thank you.

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