The Carpentries Code of Conduct Committee

The Carpentries is dedicated to developing and empowering a diverse community of enthusiasts around computational methods for research and data science. To facilitate this, The Carpentries has established a Code of Conduct that governs behaviour within the community. The Code of Conduct committee was established to enforce the Code, and to manage any changes and updates to it.

Our Goal:
To maintain, update and enforce The Carpentries Code of Conduct (CoC).

Our Approach:
We do this by conducting meetings where we review current CoC issues. If a CoC violation is reported to us, we process that by following the Enforcement Manual.

Our Structure:
We have meetings as needed, and we have a private email list where code of conduct issues are discussed. We also have a private GitHub repo for internal discussion and organisation.

Our Leadership:
The structure of the committee is such that a community member is the Chair of the Committee. In addition, a Carpentries staff member is part of the committee as a staff liaison, and a member of the Executive Council (EC) is part of the committee as an EC liaison.

Contacting the Committee:
Please email your concerns to All correspondence will be treated in confidence.

Current Committee Members

Samantha Ahern is a member of the Digital Education team at University College London (UCL) in the UK. Her time is split between learning analytics and learning design projects. She is a qualified teacher (PGCE Secondary ICT) and Fellow of the HEA, has earned BSc(Hons) Computer Science and MSc Intelligent Systems degrees plus PGDip IT in Education. She has benefited from The Carpentries training, is a Carpentries Instructor and helps organise workshops at UCL. Samantha is committed to inclusive and accessible education for all, her motivation for participation in the CoC committee is to ensure that we are an inclusive community and that our learning materials and environments are as accessible as possible to all.

Kari L. Jordan is the Senior Director of Equity and Assessment for The Carpentries. She earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University, and an MA and PhD in Engineering Education from The Ohio State University. She has been on the staff for The Carpentries since August 2016. Her motivation for participating in the CoC committee is to ensure we are creating welcoming and inclusive environments in our workshops. Kari is the Committee’s staff liaison.

Karin Lagesen is the current Chair of this Committee. She is a bioinformatician working at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute. Her time is spent building pipelines, teaching people how to analyze their data, and finding new and better ways of using bioinformatics for microbial surveillance. She was part of the Software Carpentry Steering Committee for three years, and is also an instructor trainer. Karin is part of this committee because she believes it is very important to ensure that The Carpentries is a safe and inclusive community.

Malvika Sharan is a computational biologist at European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany. She is a Community Outreach Coordinator of EMBL Bio-IT project and works closely with ELIXIR Germany (de.NBI) with her training and community engagement activities. She became The Carpentries trainer in 2015 while carrying out her Ph.D. research in bioinformatics. She hosts and teaches at multiple Carpentries workshops in Europe. She engage with The Carpentries community by contributing to the mentoring program, instructor’s discussions and CarpentryCon+Connect Taskforce. She co-chaired the 1st Carpentry Conference and counts it as one of the most rewarding experiences of her life! Her motivation for participating in the Carpentry CoC stems from her passion for promoting inclusiveness and accessibility in science.

Simon Waldman is a postdoc at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in the USA. He is a coastal modeller, working at the intersection of physical oceanography and renewable energy. Simon has been involved in a range of online communities since the 1990s, and feels strongly about encouraging inclusive behaviour. He has benefited from Carpentries training, occasionally helps on workshops, and has recently qualified as an instructor.

Elizabeth Wickes is a Lecturer at the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois, where she teaches foundational programming and information technology courses. She was previously a Data Curation Specialist for the Research Data Service at the University Library of the University of Illinois, and the Curation Manager for Wolfram|Alpha. She currently co-organizes the Champaign-Urbana Python user group, has been a Carpentries instructor since 2015, trainer since 2017, and Executive Council member since 2018. She serves as the Executive Council representative on the committee.