Thank You for Supporting our Outreach Efforts

We appreciate the enthusiasm and creativity with which community members communicate in, about and in support of The Carpentries

Clear and timely communications play a big role in making community activities across The Carpentries happen effectively. From sharing opportunities available to community members, highlighting resources relevant to topical discussions, picking meeting times, collaborating on different projects and offering compelling narratives of The Carpentries, these all help connect our community and move our collaborative work forward.

Drafting, revising and releasing a communications strategy, tailored for our community would not have been possible in the first half of 2019 without the elaborate feedback, timely reviews and contributions from many in our community. Thank you.

Here are some of the remarkable efforts that different community members have put in this year that have supported our communications efforts effectively:

Fortnightly Summaries, Meaningful Discoveries

We have Belinda Weaver and Jonah Duckles to thank for the clever name our newsletter goes by: Carpentry Clippings.

With over 2,700 subscribers, Carpentry Clippings is one of the main ways many people in our community stay updated and get wind of initiatives that need their attention and expertise. Curating a great newsletter takes a lot of time, and Malvika Sharan has tirelessly championed this work this year. Her fortnightly work board is 20+ tasks long and involves a lot of proactivity, and we are in awe of the quality, precision and timeliness with which Malvika continues to deliver every issue. Thank you so much, Malvika!

Tips, Tricks and The Magic of Sharing

Most of us will agree that a lot of the time, when you set out to share what you know, you end up learning so much more. This year, many in our community have been keen to share the lessons they have picked up in different learning environments - from workshops to Trainer training and events. In some cases, they experienced the unexpected, discovered workarounds and went on to write about them for the benefit of others in our community.

We appreciate the time, effort and, in some cases, vulnerability it took for community contributors to author all the posts on our blog this year, and feel so grateful for the trust afforded to us to publish and amplify their thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Thank you!

Visuals Worth 1000 Words

We love the mind maps, flowcharts, posters and other visuals that community members have developed to expound on the focus and work of The Carpentries community. They have managed to communicate such niche / layered / complex content with clarity and were very well received by the audiences they were presented to.

Bravo to our community members for their creativity and work on these masterpieces!

Collaboration-driven Ethos

As much as possible, initiatives and activities that take place in The Carpentries are designed to center the thoughts and needs of community members. This year, our community showed up in great numbers and helped us to achieve our goals through our communications strategy work, the Mozilla Sprint for Library Carpentry led by Chris Erdmann, the Carpentries Tagathon and our recent project that helped articulate The Carpentries values. If no one responded to our calls for input, they would have been mere announcements, but because of your feedback and input and ideas, we have improved the quality of our resources and interactions, and firmed up our collaboration-driven ethos in The Carpentries.

We thank you!

Further Together

Every so often in our community discussions, people get to share how they first heard about The Carpentries. More often than not, the answer has been ‘through a podcast episode or keynote / lightning talk / presentation at a conference or webinar or in a discussion on Twitter ’. We would be remiss to not acknowledge how valuable it has been to have so many people fly The Carpentries banner high in different spaces. From pointing people to our curricula, to discussing elements we can improve about our processes and inviting people to join in and collaborate in our community, you have represented The Carpentries favourably and impeccably, and we celebrate your enthusiasm and willingness to do so time and again.

Thank you all so much!

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