Shaping Our Programs through the Lens of Equity.

Kari transitions into new role: Senior Director of Equity and Assessment

We have officially been operating as The Carpentries for one year now. Can you believe it?

I joined Data Carpentry’s staff as Deputy Director of Assessment in August of 2016. Since that time, and with the help of countless community members, I’ve been able to streamline our workshop surveys, develop and revise our instructor training surveys, expand our mentoring program, and liaise with the Code of Conduct and Instructor Development Committees to revise our Code of Conduct and improve our Community Discussions. Every day I get to do meaningful work and collaborate with a global network of amazing people.

I recently transitioned into a new role that will allow me to focus more of my efforts on two very important foci: equity and inclusion and assessment. I am now serving as your Senior Director of Equity and Assessment!

Equity and inclusion and assessment are typically siloed, functioning as separate departments in many institutions. My vision for The Carpentries is that we approach how we work, teach, and develop our programs through the lense of equity. I want our assessment strategy and efforts to inform our curriculum and other initiatives.

I have many ideas to push us toward achieving our mission and vision, and I know you do too. Share your ideas with me. You can file an issue on the equity-and-inclusion repository and the assessment repository. I may not get things right the first time around, but in the words of my trusted colleague Ethan White, I plan to “release and iterate”, maintaining our values of openness and transparency.

Words cannot express how proud I am to be a member of this community, and to serve you as Senior Director of Equity and Assessment. Thank you for trusting me to lead our equity and assessment efforts. I tweet at @drkariljordan…keep in touch!

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