Executive Council 1st 2018 Tertile Report

Executive Council 1st 2018 Tertile Report: Bylaws

May 2018 is almost over and The Carpentries Executive Council wants to provide a brief report of their activities during the first four months of 2018. We are slowly getting to know each other, our role as the Executive Council and what it means that we now are a single organisation.

Executive Council members are listed on the Governance page where you can also find links to the minutes of the Executive Council monthly meetings.


The first thing the Executive Council reviewed were the finances, and The Carpentries are fiscally healthy through 2018 based on the projections.

Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry Operations

At the time of the merge, most of Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry activities were already shared, but we still have a few minor details in operations that are different. The Executive Council is advising staff in the best way to align operations of both organisations and facilitate the onboarding process of future lesson organisations.

Mission & Vision

A major task will be to determine the Mission and Vision statements of the new organisation. We are preparing a process where the community will be asked for ideas and information. This input is key to developing the mission and vision of the organisation, and the Executive Council will use this information in developing draft text and plans for collecting and incorporating feedback.


As a fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives, The Carpentries isn’t required to have Bylaws (a set of operating rules for the new organisation) but the Executive Council believes that having this kind of document is important, so much of the time in the previous four months has been devoted to drafting the Bylaws for the new organisation. The new Bylaws are inspired by the ones from Software Carpentry and those of other similar non-profit organisations. The Executive Council hopes to open a Request for Comments (RFC) around July after the Executive Council in-person meeting in the middle of June.

Talk with us

You can contact the Executive Council by email. If you are attending CarpentryCon in two weeks time most of Executive Council members will be there and they would love to hear from and talk with you!

Dialogue & Discussion

Comments must follow our Code of Conduct.

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