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This post originally appeared on the Library Carpentry website

By Belinda Weaver

The Library Carpentry governance group has created a governance repository on GitHub to list members, meeting minutes, and other things relevant to the future of Library Carpentry.

See the minutes of our May meeting.

The group meets monthly on the second Monday/Tuesday of the month (date and time depending on time zones).

Asking for your input

  1. We want to deal with issues of relevance to this community. Feel free to suggest agenda items on our governance call etherpad.

  2. We are currently seeking input on the question of “What does a workshop need to consist of to be badged Library Carpentry?” That is, what should be taught as ‘core’? How long should the workshop be?

Please feel free to have your say by contributing your thoughts on the issue. The issue is open to all in this community, not just the governance group.

  1. We are also interested in ‘onboarding’ existing Carpentries’ instructors. We have an issue to address that, and have started a document to formalise ideas from the discussion. Feel free to contribute to either or both.

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