Join the Genomics Curriculum Advisory Committee!

Help provide leadership for Data Carpentry’s Genomics curriculum. Apply by 21 August

The Data Carpentry Genomics Curriculum Advisory Committee is seeking new members, including someone to serve as committee secretary. This is an exciting time to be part of the Genomics CAC, as the committee will soon be considering adoption of the Introduction to R and RStudio for Genomics lesson into the official Data Carpentry Genomics curriculum.

Curriculum Advisory Committees provide high-level oversight, vision, and leadership for a curriculum and guide large-scale updates. Curriculum Advisors meet approximately quarterly, and serve a two-year term. The Carpentries Handbook includes more about what it means to be a Curriculum Advisor.

To ensure the accessibility of our lessons and curricula, we are seeking a diverse group of Curriculum Advisors, representing multiple career levels and sub-disciplines, and across a variety of geographic regions, and cultural and linguistic contexts. Each CAC should also include at least one active Maintainer, and we encourage applications from both new and experienced members of the Maintainer community.

Apply to be a Genomics Curriculum Advisor: Link to application

Applications will remain open through midnight anywhere on Earth, 21 August 2023. If you have any questions about serving on a Curriculum Advisory Committee or the application process, please contact Erin Becker.

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