FAQ For Member Organisations


  1. What are the standard membership packages you offer?
    We offer Silver and Gold membership packages, each with an allotted number of seats in our Instructor Training program, and with an allotted number of workshops we will coordinate for you. We also offer Platinum plans, which we customize based on an individual institution’s needs. Read more about the costs and benefits of each plan on our membership page.

  2. What if those membership packages don’t fit my institution’s needs?
    We’d be happy to talk with you to learn more about your institution’s goals and create a custom plan that works for you. However, this can take some time as we currently receive more inquiries than we have the staffing to address. Contact us at memberships@carpentries.org to learn more.

  3. Do I need to renew my membership each year?
    Yes, annual memberships expire one year from the date the agreement is signed. Contact our Business team at finance@carpentries.org to learn more.

Technical Workshops

  1. How do your technical workshops run? Does this differ based on my membership package?
    Centrally organised workshops receive the same level of support under all circumstances. The only difference based on membership level is the number of workshops organised for you. Silver members receive four centrally-organised workshops; Gold members receive six. Workshops can cover curricula from any of our lesson programs: Data Carpentry, Library Carpentry, or Software Carpentry. Contact us at team@carpentries.org to learn more about our workshop operations.

    Centrally organised workshops can also be purchased a-la-carte, or added to an existing membership at a discount determined by the membership level. If you would like to run a centrally-organised workshop in order to demonstrate the value of Carpentries Membership at your organisation, we will count the workshop fee paid at the time towards a membership if purchased within the next calendar year.

  2. How soon after signing my membership can I get started with hosting technical workshops?
    Right away! You can request technical workshops as soon as your membership agreement is in place by completing this form. To allow us time to recruit instructors and give them time to plan the workshop with you, we generally require 2-3 months lead time to schedule a workshop.

  3. Can I run my own technical workshops without organisational support from The Carpentries?
    Yes! Once you start building a team of trained and certified Instructors, you can work with them to run self-organised workshops. The Carpentries staff does not offer organisational support in running self-organised workshops, beyond providing survey links and tracking Instructor and Helper participation. Self-organised workshops do not count against the number of workshops included in your membership agreement. There is no limit to the number of self-organised workshops you can run, regardless of your membership status.

  4. What happens if I want to run more centrally organised workshops than my agreement allows?
    You are welcome to request more workshops. After you have completed your allotted workshops, any additional workshops are billed at a discount. Our current workshop fee schedule is here.

Instructor Training Workshops

  1. How do your Instructor Training workshops run? Does this differ based on my membership package?
    The Carpentries Instructor Training workshop is fundamentally the same for all sites and membership packages; only the mode of delivery differs between in-person and online workshops, and both are highly rated by trainees. This is a high-engagement, interactive, two day workshop, led by pedagogically trained community members. The number of seats and potential for in-person training depends on your membership package. Silver members receive 6 Instructor Training seats; Gold members receive 15. We encourage all of our members to participate in our online training program. For Gold and Platinum member sites, there may also be opportunities to schedule in-person training events locally, contingent upon availability of Instructor Trainers.
    Contact us at team@carpentries.org to learn more about our Instructor Training program.

  2. How do in-person Instructor Training events work?
    Coordination for in-person Instructor Training workshops is similar to that offered for other centrally-organised technical workshops. We can assist with recruiting Trainers, manage registration, and offer Pre- and Post- workshop survey results to Trainers. We also support Trainers in preparing for workshops. Trainee selection, Trainer travel, and event hosting logistics are the responsibility of the host site. If your membership includes the option of an in-person workshop, contact team@carpentries.org to begin the scheduling process.

  3. What are the benefits of online versus in-person instructor training?
    Both training formats are equally interactive and highly rated by trainees. Trainees at online events cite benefits of meeting enthusiastic people from other locations and feeling more connected to our global Carpentries community. In addition, online training allows your trainees to select any event that fits their schedule, with options to reschedule in case of illness or other unforeseen events. Attendance is dependent upon reliable internet for video conferencing. If your location lacks reliable internet access for online training, please bring this to our attention during your membership negotiation phase.

  4. How soon after signing my membership can I get started with training new instructors for my site?
        For sites in North American and European time zones: In your 12 month membership period, we’ll be offering at least 6-8 online events scheduled in your timezone (and/or an adjacent time zone). Your trainees are invited to join any event(s) that suits their schedule(s), either as a group or individually, along with new trainees from other parts of our community.
        For sites in other time zones: You are welcome to join any scheduled online event in North American and European time zones. However, knowing this may not be ideal for you, we’ll work with you to schedule an online event based on your needs and our Trainers’ availability. To ensure that we can meet everyone’s needs, we generally like to schedule these events 2-3 months in advance. Once this event is scheduled, we may invite people from other sites to join as well, to begin to build community in your part of the world.
        For in-person events for Gold or Platinum member sites: We’ll work with you to schedule an event based on your needs and our Trainers’ availability. To ensure that we can meet everyone’s needs, especially as our Trainers will need to travel, we generally like to schedule these events 4-6 months in advance.

  5. How do I find out if trainees at my site have completed instructor training or the certification process and how many seats remain available under my membership?
    For best results, we recommend tracking this locally. Keeping in touch with trainees can have additional value in building your local community. Due to regional variation in privacy laws and delays in our registration workflows, not all information from our database is guaranteed to be available or fully up to date. You are welcome to email us at team@carpentries.org at any time with a request for information. We will reply within 3-5 business days with the information we can provide.

  6. What if I do not use all of my training seats before the end of my membership?
    The success of our program depends on accurately predicting our capacity needs, so we may not be able to accommodate all situations. However, we know unexpected things can come up. If you are nearing the end of your membership term and have not used all your seats, please contact us at team@carpentries.org so we can consider extending your term or rolling your seats over to a new term.

  7. What happens if I want to train more people at my site than my agreement allows?
    You are welcome to purchase additional seats in our instructor training program. Please contact membership@carpentries.org if you would like to customize a member agreement with additional seats for Instructor Training.

  8. Can individuals get trained to become Instructors outside the context of Institutional Membership?
    Yes! We offer scholarship seats for individuals through our Open Instructor Training program. Acceptance rate varies, not all applications are accepted, and multiple trainees from a single institution are not accepted at the same time. Apply to this program by selecting “Open Training Application” in our Instructor Training application form.

  9. How can I find out if my institution already has a membership?
    A list of our current member organisations can be found on our website. If you would like help in making contact with the person in charge of your institutional membership, email team@carpentries.org.

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