We Value All Contributions - The Carpentries 2021 Fundraiser

Help The Carpentries meet our goal during this end of the year fundraising campaign

In 2020, The Carpentries ran our first-ever fundraising campaign. We learned a lot in that process about the mechanics of fundraising, but most importantly we learned just how passionate you - The Carpentries community - are. Without you, none of our work would meet the level that it does, and our mission of being the leading inclusive community teaching data skills would remain words on a webpage, rather than something that we see every single day in our workshops.

Starting today, November 2, The Carpentries is launching an end of the year donation campaign to raise $5000. The campaign will run through December 31, and funds we get from this campaign will help us:

  • Offer greater diversity in the languages we teach and interact in.
  • Recognize and appreciate the different cultural norms that exist around data, programming, teaching, and volunteering in different regions to improve our programs and services.
  • Collaborate with existing organisations to reach broader communities.
  • Authentically engage broader communities, working with, not for them

This year we are asking you, The Carpentries community, to share your accomplishments and continue your support by either:

  • Donating to the fundraising campaign
  • Spreading the word and sharing the fundraising link with your network

Campaign Rewards

By donating to The Carpentries at certain donation levels, you will receive a gift card to select and purchase Carpentries branded items featuring designs crafted specifically for this campaign: Image of t shirt with Carpentries design
Example of design used on a t-shirt

A new option for supporting The Carpentries this year is to sponsor us on GitHub! We invite you to directly support the revitalization of our curriculum, and help fund updates to our most taught lessons: Data Carpentry Data Cleaning with OpenRefine for Ecologists, Software Carpentry Version Control with Git, and Software Carpentry Programming with R.

If you are interested in learning about opportunities to support The Carpentries throughout the year and learn about Carpentries Initiatives in advance - please consider joining The Carpentries philanthropy list. Thank you for being a part of The Carpentries community!

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