Library Carpentry Advisory Group Call for New Members

Applications to join the Library Carpentry Advisory Group are open between now and 18 January 2021!

The Library Carpentry Advisory Group acts as a key friend to The Carpentries governance and Core Team and advises on ways to foster greater participation in the Library Carpentry community. The Advisory Group discusses, plans, and pursues strategies for involving new and current members in Library Carpentry. Members of the Group volunteer to serve three year terms, with increasing levels of responsibility and leadership each year.

Benefits of Being on the Advisory Group

Advisory Group members have the opportunity to work closely with a global community of librarians, archivists, and information professionals dedicated to expanding data and computational skills in library and information science communities.

Other benefits include:

  • Improving and creating new resources for Library Carpentry instructors and interested librarians
  • Opportunities to expand and enhance Library Carpentry curriculum
  • A chance to gain experience in community organization
  • Learning more about how The Carpentries functions as an organization

Expectations of Advisory Group Members

  • Serve a three year term
  • Attend six 90 min virtual meetings calls throughout the year
  • Dedicate an additional 2-5 hours a month (slightly more for co-chairs) to advisory board projects and tasks
  • Be an advocate for Library Carpentry membership within your local, regional, national, and disciplinary networks
  • Each Advisory Group member is asked to find a project to work on during their tenure. We would expect you to help determine the projects and drive them to conclusion.
  • Be willing to work on an additional Library Carpentry-related committees as needed (curriculum, event planning, grant writing, maintainers, community discussions, instructor training, etc).

Interested? Apply Today!

We encourage anyone who is interested to fill out this short application form by end of day (anywhere on Earth) Jan 18, 2021. We are particularly interested in new members who represent groups or regions not currently represented on the Advisory Group (such as Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Latin America, and Africa).

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Library Carpentry Advisory Group Co-Chairs Ariel Deardorff & Liz Stokes

Dialogue & Discussion

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