Welcome Rabea Müller, Regional Coordinator for the DACH Region

Introducing our newest Regional Coordinator

Regional Coordinators are essential to the daily operations of Carpentries workshops. With workshops being offered globally it is important for us to have Regional Coordinators locally placed to help organise workshops. The Carpentries is excited to announce Rabea Müller has joined our team of Regional Coordinators. Rabea is located in Cologne, Germany and will be managing workshops in the DACH region, which consists of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

In addition to being a Regional Coordinator, Rabea is responsible for the development of a Data Science and Data Librarianship at our institution ZB MED. She is a Carpentries Instructor and Lesson Maintainer and has taught five workshops and counting.

When asked what she enjoys most about The Carpentries she states:

  • She is always meeting new people
  • Being able to challenge herself with new experiences
  • Her interaction with the community is kind & respectful

Here is a Fun fact about Rabea: She named her cat “cat” to simplify things but now calls her “baby”​

To find out about what is happening in the DACH region or to contact Rabea directly, please visit The Carpentries in DACH Countries page.

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