Apply to Join The Carpentries 2021 Mentoring Program!

Become a mentor or mentee for first cycle of 2021 Mentoring Groups!

Do you have a Carpentries goal that you are not sure how to accomplish? Or do you want to help your fellow instructors gain the skills and confidence they need to achieve their goals? If so, we encourage you to join a Carpentries Mentoring group!

We are seeking mentors and mentees to participate in The Carpentries Mentoring Program in 2021!

Mentors are certified instructors who facilitate a community of fellow instructors with similar interests.

Mentees are newly-certified or soon-to-be-certified instructors who are looking to develop their teaching skill set in a friendly, low-stakes learning community.

Each mentoring group will be formed around common interests and goals. You will spend 2-3 months working with your colleagues to refine your goals and make progress toward them in a format that works for your group, with support from the Instructor Development Committee.

For the upcoming cycle, we are looking to form mentoring groups around the following topics:

  • Facilitating online workshops
  • Developing confidence and skill in teaching
  • Strategies to build local communities
  • We also welcome you to indicate other topics you would to mentor or be mentored on in the application!

If you are interested in participating in the upcoming mentoring group cycle, please fill out the relevant application by Sunday, December 13 (anywhere on Earth):

We will also be hosting information sessions to learn more about our mentoring programs on December 10 at 3pm UTC and 11pm UTC. See more information on these meetings on the Community Discussions etherpad.


  • November 25 - Mentor & Mentee applications are live!
  • December 10 - Information Sessions
  • December 13 - Applications are due!
  • December 18 - Mentor/Mentee groups are matched
  • December 21 - Applicants are notified
  • Week of January 18 - Mentor Onboarding & Mentoring Groups Kick-off (specific dates TBD)
  • April 7 - Virtual Showcase

Please email the Instructor Development Committee at if you have any questions.

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