Updates to Our Platinum Membership Tier

We’re updating the pricing structure and benefits available for our most customisable membership tier.

The Platinum tier is our most customisable membership type. Organisations choosing a Platinum membership have many options, in terms of both membership benefits, and in discount options available for in-kind time provided to The Carpentries. With growing community interest in Platinum memberships, we’ve updating our pricing structure to increase the transparency and equity of our membership program. A breakdown of this updated pricing structure is available on our Membership page.

Members of our team are on hand to help you in constructing a Platinum membership that best suits your organisation’s needs for training and community support. To request a meeting with our team, please send us an email.

We do provide a limited number of sponsored memberships for institutions with financial need and for institutions serving historically underserved populations. If you believe that your institution is eligible for support, please contact us at membership@carpentries.org.

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