Expressing Gratitude to Our Instructor Development Committee

In just six months our Instructor Development Committee has done SO MUCH!

When we onboarded the leaders of our Instructor Development Committee back in April 2019, we were confident their term would be successful. This group brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from all over the world!

From that time, this committee has put in a lot of thought and effort into resources and initiatives that are designed to empower instructors. For example:

  • The Instructor Development Committee Mentoring Chair (Marco Chiapello) successfully facilitated our Mentoring Groups. Did you miss the showcase? Check it out on YouTube! Marco and the other mentors, Angela Li and Mike Trizna, are also currently discussing the mentoring program guidelines and ways to improve the mentoring experience. Go Marco!
  • The Instructor Development Committee Discussion Chair, Martin Dreyer, organised countless pre- and post-workshop discussions, themed discussions, and #CarpentriesConversations and wrote a . Check them out. You can get involved with our discussions by becoming a Discussion Host.
  • Our Instructor Development Committee Secretary (Megbowon Kemi) and Communications Chair (Tobin Magle) kept us informed by publishing minutes from committee meetings and posting to our blog, TopicBox, Slack and Twitter.
  • Last, but definitely not least, our Instructor Development Committee Co-Chairs (Arindam Basu and Sarah Stevens) organised and facilitated committee meetings, set goals for the year, developed project plans, and helped push the committee forward with ideas to develop our growing instructor community!

But wait, there’s more! The committee successfully completed an assessment project! They analysed the results of our community discussion surveys and shared the results on our blog.

The best part about all of this is, their term is NOT over yet! If they’ve made these contributions in six months, what can we expect in 2020? First up, updating our instructor notes! Here are some quotes from our IDC leaders:

I’d like to share my happiness for the mentors of the mentoring groups, in particular Angela and Mike. A part [from being] amazing mentors, even if it was the first time for them, after a discussion during a meeting (power check-in), they step[ed] up to help me to give more theoretical and practical tools to the mentors. - Marco Chiapello

Thanks for the opportunity to appreciate community members who have been particularly involved. Tobin has been wonderful as the communications chair. She steps up to do things before I even ask her to. I really appreciate her help with communicating the activities we have been up to. - Sarah Stevens

Thank you so much Instructor Development Committee.

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