Community Discussions

Community Discussions are designed for everyone in The Carpentries community interested in learning, educating and advocating for teaching foundational coding and data science skills globally. Discussion topics range anywhere from teaching workshops and developing curricula to building local communities and assessing the impact of our workshops globally.

Community Discussions are free and open to anyone. They provide opportunities to connect with The Carpentries community. There are three types of Community Discussion:

  1. Pre- and Post-Workshop Discussions These discussions are designed for those getting ready to teach or having recently taught to come discuss their workshop with the community.

  2. Themed Discussion Sessions These discussions are centered around a particular topic ranging anywhere from teaching your first workshop to community building strategies.

  3. Carpentries Conversations These Conversations are hosted by one of our Committees or Task Forces to provide the community with the opportunity to learn about and discuss new developments and programs in our organisation.

Attend any Community Discussion by signing up on the community-discussions Etherpad.

Interested in hosting a Community Discussion? Complete our call for community discussion facilitators form!

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