Invitation to The Carpentries Sponsorship Programme Task Force

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In May, we shared our 2018 Finances with you. The Executive Council determined that one way to increase our capacity by bringing more income is via a Sponsorship Programme.. We are looking for four members of our community with previous experience regarding sponsorship to help develop The Carpentries 2020 Sponsorship Programme. To volunteer, fill the Google Form before 9 August 2019 Anywhere on Earth.

As an organisation with strong values, we want to be intentional about organisations we take in as sponsors, so in creating a Sponsorship Programme for The Carpentries, we would like to establish a process and way of evaluating potential sponsors. Members of this Task Force will engage in two virtual meetings (one hour long each) in September 2019 to discuss The Carpentries Sponsorship Programme.

In October 2019, the summary of the Task Force discussion with be shared with the rest of the Executive Council and in November 2019 the Executive Council will vote to prototype the Sponsorship Programme during Q1 and Q2 of 2020.

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