Unveiling Our New Logo

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

It must be the worst-kept secret in cyberspace - that the Carpentries have a new logo.

So ... here it is!

Now that Software and Data Carpentry have merged, we wanted a new logo to celebrate our coming together as the Carpentries, and to give that project its own distinct identity.

The new logo retains a ‘Carpentry’ feel - at the basic level, it represents a wrench around a hexagonal bolt. Yet it also conveys a sense of exhilaration and celebration - that magic moment when you ‘get’ something and your arms shoot up in celebration. There are many such ‘aha!’ moments in Carpentries’ workshops, so it is fitting that our logo represent not just the hard work of learning (the wrench) but the satisfaction of achievement and mastery that we gain (the ‘Yay!’).

The same, but different

While we have a new logo, and one that we like very much, as far as our community goes, much of what we do will seem unchanged.

As The Carpentries, we will continue to teach foundational computational and data skills to researchers. We will continue to observe and evolve our Code of Conduct. We will continue to grow our memberships, and we will continue to mint new instructors through our Instructor Training program.

The individual ‘Carpentries’ will remain as distinct lesson organizations, and we plan to communicate more as the year goes on about how these projects are evolving. The Software and Data Carpentry logos will remain the same, with The Carpentries an umbrella under which they come together.

Some things are different. Tracy Teal is now our Executive Director, our two staffs have merged with some reshuffling of roles, and we are working as The Carpentries with a new fiscal sponsor, Community Initiatives. Our governance has merged - from having two separate Steering Committees, we now have a brand new Executive Council.

These changes should only enhance what we do by streamlining communications and making our working practices more efficient. We will still support the growth and spread of our community - that will never change.

CarpentryCon 2018 in Dublin will be a celebration of just how far we have come as a community. We hope to see you there.

Keep an eye out for our new website soon!

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