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There are now opportunities to be partners with Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry

This post originally appeared on the Data Carpentry website

We’ve been hearing of the interest of organizations to build local capacity for training and to be able run both Data and Software Carpentry workshops. We are excited to announce that Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry are now offering joint partnerships! These partnerships will give member organizations the benefits of running workshops from either the Software Carpentry or Data Carpentry community. At the Silver and above tiers there will also be instructor training and capacity building services provided.

Partnership Information

There are four tiers of Partnerships: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

We wanted to provide opportunities for organizations to run multiple workshops, but who aren’t currently planning to train instructors (Bronze) and help organizations build local capacity with instructor training, coordinated workshops and Self-Organised workshops (Silver, Gold). There is also a flexible tier for organizations who are advancing beyond just capacity building and on to sustainment and wide adoption of our methods across disciplines (Platinum).

In all Partnerships, some coordinated workshops are included, so that organizations are freely able (with a small travel budget) to bring in outside instructors to help mentor new instructors and continue to encourage cross-connections of instructors across organizational boundaries. Also, all Partner organizations can run as many Self-Organised workshops as they like.

All currently in-place partnerships with the Software Carpentry Foundation will be grandfathered into a joint partnership consistent with their current contract until the current partnership expires, at which time they can select to have a joint partnership or a standalone Software Carpentry or Data Carpentry partnership as they choose.

Interested in a partnership or want more information, please get in touch!

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