Save the Date: Software Carpentry Lab Meeting May 10

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

Software Carpentry’s next Lab Meeting calls will be at 14:00 UTC and 23:00 UTC, May 10th; all are welcome to join in to discuss what’s new and upcoming in the Software Carpentry community. Connection details are on the Lab Meeting Etherpad.

Our first feature for the month is the new Subcommittee and Task Force program, recently announced by the 2016 Steering Committee. Following on the success of our subcommittees in 2015, the Steering Committee has decided to open up the process of proposing and running projects and committees that advance Software Carpentry’s mission and enrich our community to all of our community members. More details on the proposal process can be found here; tune into the Lab Meeting to here more comments and ask questions from the program designers.

Also this month, we’re excited to announce Software Carpentry’s first ever Bug Barbeque, coming up worldwide on June 13. It’s almost time to publish Version 5.4 of all the Software Carpentry lessons listed here, and we need your help to polish up all the details. We’ll be getting together or working remotely worldwide on June 13 to get ready for publication; after version 5.4 is finished, we will be minting a DOI so that all contributors get a citable reference to add to their CVs. Watch this space for a blog post coming shortly, or see more details on the Bug BBQ Website.

Check out the schedule on the etherpad and add your name if you will be attending.

Feel free to add points of interest and goings-on you’d like to mention to the community under the non-verbal updates section there, too. We hope you’ll join us!

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