Weekly Update: Jan 31 - Feb 06, 2015

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

Highlights: SWF gets 2 new affiliates (iPlant and Lab for Data Intensive Biology at UC Davis) and a new partner (University of Washington).
Conversations: "...what matters most in teaching is the act itself - the verb": some observations on teaching and a book recommendation.
Scientific coding and software engineering: what's the difference? A post by Daisie Huang: please add your comments.
Rewarding Software Sharing by Mapping Scientific Software A post by Chris Bogart: please share your ideas.
Events: SWC instructor training and Intro to Web Programming at Lawrence Berkeley Lab: March 2015
rOpenSci Unconference: March 2015
Software Sustainability Institute's Collaborations Workshop: March 2015
Other News: Eight new instructors


  • The first meeting of the new SCF Steering Committee took place.
  • Juan Nunez-Iglesias, Harriet Dashnow, and Stefan van der Walt are looking for code nominations to be used in their book Elegant SciPy: please get in touch.
  • Sheldon McKay and Greg Wilson hosted a second post-workshop instructor debriefing attended by 10 instructors.
  • Neil Davis summarised their experience and innovations introduced at the second SWC workshop held at University of Illinois. Their suggestions include getting feedback at each break and introducing the idea that knowledge gained at SWC workshops can be applied tomorrow or on Monday as opposed to in future. He also questioned how well SWC advertisements represent what participants can expect in a workshop.
  • Online instructor training started this week.
  • Workshops were run at the University of Manchester and the University of Toronto.
  • New workshops were announced at Michigan State University and UC Irvine, and through NeSI at Canterbury and Auckland in New Zealand.

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