Two R Workshops at UBC in 2013

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

We're pleased to announce two workshops in 2013 at the University of British Columbia:

Beginners R
Date: January 11, 1 Day
Venue: MSL 101
Format: 4×1.5 hour blocks

  1. R Basics, workspace, working directory, projects in RStudio
  2. Importing, exporting and cleaning data.
  3. Data manipulation, aggregation and indexing.
  4. Working with a statistical model object.

All of the above will include lattice graphics and the usefulness of data frames, and will focus on code not the mouse.

Advanced R
Date: January 21 & 22
Venue: MSL 101
Format: 8×1.5 hour blocks (order to be determined)

  1. Graphics with ggplot2
  2. Regular expressions, grep and gsub
  3. Writing functions in R
  4. S3 objects in R, methods and classes
  5. File handing from within R (interacting with the shell)
  6. Reproducible research within R
  7. Version Control within R
  8. Basics of creating an R package

Registration for both is currently closed so that people who were waitlisted for our October workshop have first change to sign up. If there are still seats free after that, we'll post a note here.

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