Lorena Barba's Reproducibility PI Manifesto

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

Prof. Lorena Barba, of Boston University, presented an excellent manifesto at the ICERM meeting on reproducible research:

  1. I will teach my graduate students about reproducibility.
  2. All our research code (and writing) is under version control.
  3. We will always carry out verification and validation.
  4. For main results in a paper, we will share data, plotting script & figure under CC-BY.
  5. We will upload the preprint to arXiv at the time of submission of a paper.
  6. We will release code at the time of submission of a paper.
  7. We will add a "Reproducibility" declaration at the end of each paper.
  8. I will keep an up-to-date web presence.

So say we all.

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