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Despite my own calculations (which were optimistic to begin with, and are more so now that I have a new job), I'm going to try to turn Software Carpentry into a book. Here's what's I'm planning to include, and its presesnt status; I would be very grateful for feedback, especially from alumni, about what doesn't need to be here, and what's missing. I think I'm still overshooting the knowledge and needs of far too many people; if you think so too, please let me know.

Status codes: done partial undone
Total 129623
The Shell 12709
Databases 9778
Regular Expressions 7987
Performance 7590
Sets and Dictionaries 7566
Software Engineering 6378
Matrix Programming 6232
Make 5389
Phylogenetic Tree Example 1652
Invasion Percolation Example 1276
Spreadsheets 3893
Configuring Programs 2126
Tracking Provenance 1786
Version Control 6569
Persistence 5978
XML 5957
Functions and Libraries 5335
Testing 4501
Images and Sound 3720
Web Programming 3372
Data Types and Data Management 2823
Parallel Programming 905
Security 318
Lists, Loops, and Conditionals 79
Systems Programming 45
Objects and Classes 45
Building GUIs 24

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