The Architecture of Open Source Applications

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My apologies for how quiet this site has been recently—finding a new job takes time [1], and we had to make one final push on the other project I've been working on. But I'm pleased to announce that The Architecture of Open Source Applications is now at the printer's—we're going to give the first copy a final going-over, then make it available for purchase (hopefully within two weeks). I'm very pleased with how it looks, and very grateful to my co-editor Amy Brown, the contributors, and the reviewers for all their hard work.

One note, though: if and when you buy it, please buy it directly from, rather than through Amazon or another outlet—it makes an enormous difference to how much money we raise for charity:

You buy from:
Lulu Amazon
You pay: $35.00 $35.00
Lulu gets: $3.74 $0.94
Amazon gets: $0.00 $17.50
Amnesty gets: $14.98 $3.78

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