Oh My God It's Django!

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

Guido just pronounced: Django is the web framework

  • Won't be part of the core, but will be as "standard" as PIL or NumPy
  • This was not what I expected the outcome of my talk would be, but hey, I'll take it ;-)
  • He hopes that Django and TurboGears will converge

Eric Jones: Enthought Tool Suite

  • Enthought does open source software and consulting for scientific computing with Python
    • One of the sponsors of this conference
    • Providing hosting for Software Carpentry
    • Walked through traits and other offerings

    Chris Mueller: Synthetic Programming with Python

    • A Python library for generating assembly code for the Power PC
      • Get rid of the many layers between Python and the hardware
    • Great performance for great effort (up-front about that)
    • Q: How do you debug? A: insert an illegal instruction, back up a few bytes, single-step in GDB
      • Interested in multi-language debugger, but interested in a lot of other things as well

    Prabhu Ramachandran: 3D Visualization

    • Author of MayaVi, a better (more Pythonic) wrapper for VTK
    • Impressive — hides as much of the guff in complex 3D scientific visualization as it can

    Andrew Straw: Realtime Computing with Python

    • The Grand Unified Fly: a computational simulation of a fruit fly
    • Use Python for high-level stuff, and real-time for sub-millisecond control of motors, etc.
    • Program $20 microcontrollers with Python
      • E.g., Flydra is a multi-headed camera+FireWire system to track fly motion

    Lightning Talks

    • Mike Ressler: Prototyping Mid-Infrared Detector Data Processing Algorithms
      • Classic data crunching with NumPy
    • Brian Granger: The State of IPython
      • Sales pitch
    • Travis Oliphant: Array Interface BOF
      • Please for people to help put together PEP for arrays in Python
    • Travis Vaught: Enstaller
      • Enhancements to Python Egg system (with GUI)
      • Worth tracking
    • Michel Sanner: The Current State of Vision
      • Update on a visual builder for image processing pipelines
      • Very cool — but lots of overlap (it seems) with MayaVi
    • Peter Wang: Quick Overview of Chaco
      • 2D plotting library
      • Repeat of slides from yesterday's tutorial

    William Stein: Software for Algebra and Geometry Experimentation

    • SAGE bundles together lots of other packages used for algebra and exact computation
    • Very particular about getting his whole half hour, despite the late hour ;-)

    Alex Clemesha: Mathematica-like Plotting for SAGE

    • Slow cruise through SAGE's graphics
    • As with web frameworks, Python has too many plotting packages for its own good

    Diane Trout: BioHub

    • There's a lotof sequence data out there
      • And collection is accelerating rapidly
    • BioHub is a Python interface for large-scale genomic analysis
      • A database to link diverse annotation sources
    • I didn't know that genes have version numbers... ;-)

    Greg Wilson: Software Carpentry

    • Last talk of the day — some locals had already headed home, but there were about 70 people present
    • Went well, but no one's offering to teach the course at their institution this fall
    • Slides available online

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