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The Carpentries Blog

Software Carpentry workshop at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Minutes of Steering Committee Meeting

Workshop Satisfaction Survey

Teaching Library Carpentry

Ongoing Discussions

Teaching Python to undergraduate geoscientists: A summary of our approaches and experiences over the years

Software Carpentry and HPC class hits Palmerston North (New Zealand)

Workshop at Unicamp

How to approach selecting a license for data release

Suggestions and perspectives on how to select a license for your data publication

Library Carpentry - update

Updating Library Carpentry

9 - 31 May, 2016: The First Bimonthly Report, Instructor Data Analysis, R Instructor Training, Measuring the Right Stuff, RSE Conference, and a Bug Barbeque

Further Analysis of Instructor Training Data

What Digital Humanists Also Do

What Digital Humanists Do

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