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The Carpentries Blog

Two Studies of Online Communities

Perth Software Carpentry - A Tale of Three Trainers

Software Carpentry Workshop Attendance: a New Zealand Perspective

SWC: First Impressions

Teaching Programming to the Blind

I think I can - Self-Efficacy and the Carpentry Learner

Linking self-efficacy to learner success in carpentry workshops.

Teaching at the Board

Systems Biology Postdoc Position with The Jackson Laboratory

Show Me Your Model

September Carpentries Community Call

Join the community call to connect with other instructors & get activity updates

The Discussion Book

Community Service Awards

Responding to your Learners

The importance of formative assessment

September Carpentries Community Call

17 August-12 September, 2016: Steering Committee, Google Summer of Code, rOpenSci, Small Teaching, Ten Simple rules.

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