Reigniting Community: Reflections from Coffee with The Carpentries Executive Director

Here's what I learned over the last six months speaking with our community.

Hello Carpentries Community,

Over the past six months, I’ve enjoyed our “Reigniting Community” sessions, where we’ve had some heartfelt conversations about our resources and operations. It’s been a time of listening, learning, and growing together, and I’m excited to share some key takeaways with you.

We began the series in January, with a candid discussion about the tough decisions we faced regarding staff layoffs. It was a moment of honesty as we navigated the impacts on our organisation, striving to be transparent about our strategies for recovery and growth ahead.

In February, we focused on moving forward post-layoffs, ensuring our team felt supported and addressing concerns about ongoing projects. Through these discussions, we emphasised our commitment to stability and morale during challenging times.

March brought us a really engaging session where we explored the Community Survey Evaluation Report. Your feedback was invaluable in identifying areas where we can improve and better serve your needs. Your voices truly guide our path forward.

April marked a milestone as we reviewed the progress of our Strategic Plan’s fourth year. Together, we celebrated achievements and explored new opportunities for collaboration within our community, setting the stage for future endeavors.

Finally, in June, we wrapped up with a lively discussion on the Toolkit of IDEAS, discussing issues around workshop accessibility and participant needs. It was inspiring to see our collective dedication to inclusivity and innovation in action.

Throughout these sessions, we’ve reaffirmed our core values of transparency, inclusivity, and continuous improvement. Your engagement and feedback have been instrumental in shaping our direction.

Here are a few key insights that emerged and will guide our next steps:

  • Community Engagement: Your desire for meaningful engagement and personal interactions is clear. We’re committed to strengthening these connections.
  • Challenges and Concerns: From returning to in-person activities to optimising our volunteer capacity, we’re actively addressing your concerns.
  • Positive Feedback: Your appreciation for initiatives like CarpentryConnect fuels our efforts to amplify local events and impact.
  • Suggestions for Improvement: Your constructive feedback on accessible resources and membership options will inform our plans.
  • Increased Collaboration: We hear you loud and clear about wanting more opportunities for collaboration and involvement in decision-making processes.

By focusing on these insights, we aim to build an even stronger, more connected community together. Thank you to everyone who joined our sessions or contributed through GitHub issues. Your voices matter, and we invite you to continue participating in these important conversations.

For detailed summaries and to join ongoing discussions, please visit the links below:

Let’s keep moving forward, together.

Warm regards,

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Kari L. Jordan \ Executive Director, The Carpentries

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