Sharing the 2023 Community Survey Evaluation Report

The report summarising community members’ responses to the inaugural Carpentries community survey is out!

In 2023, The Carpentries launched a community survey to inform and prioritise our work and that of the Core Team so we can better serve the community. We asked community members to take 5 minutes to provide feedback on their experience as Carpentries community members, seeking feedback that will help us better understand the benefits community members get from their participation and inform areas of improvement.

We received 200 responses to the survey. It is difficult to identify a response rate without an exact count of the number of active community members. However, this represents 5% of The Carpentries Slack workspace members and 7% of those subscribed to Carpentries Clippings, our newsletter.

All the collected responses have been summarised, and we share them with the community in our 2023 Carpentries Community Survey Evaluation Report describing community health.

We are grateful to our legacy Core Team members, Alycia, Karen, and Kelly, who prepared and finalised the report before transitioning out of The Carpentries.

The report highlights the demographics of our community, their current rate of engagement with our activities, the motivations that drive member contributions to the community, what benefits community members hope for and derive from their contributions, and what support they get and need from fellow community members and the Core Team.

We were particularly moved to learn that the majority of our community members participate in The Carpentries community motivated by the desire to serve or give back to the community (37%), the need to gain knowledge and skills (32%), and by our shared mission and core values (27%).

Please spend time with the Community Survey Evaluation Report and engage with its contents.

Community Session Discussion

We also invite you to join the upcoming Community Session, Reigniting Community: Coffee with The Carpentries Executive Director, on 19 March 2024 at 11:00 UTC [add to your calendar] [find your time] hosted by Dr. Kari L. Jordan to discuss highlights from this report and more.

You can sign up for the session on the Community Sessions Etherpad.

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