Announcing our new Deputy Director of Technology

Maneesha Sane moves into Deputy Director of Technology Role.

A Message from Erin Becker

I am thrilled to announce that Maneesha Sane is advancing to a Junior Team Lead role and will now be serving as The Carpentries Deputy Director of Technology. Maneesha has been part of The Carpentries team since the very beginning - initially serving as a workshop coordinator and later moving into an infrastructure-focused role as Quality Assurance Manager. For the past 6+ years, Maneesha has served as a living example of The Carpentries values, bringing them to bear in everything she does. She brings a vast wealth of experience and historical knowledge to the organisation. In this new role, Maneesha will support the incoming Director of Technology (to be announced at a later date), and the growing Infrastructure Team. Congratulations Maneesha!

A Message from Maneesha Sane

I am so happy to be moving into the Deputy Director of Technology with The Carpentries. My journey with The Carpentries started many years ago, first as a workshop helper and later as a certified Instructor. I then joined the Core Team, managing the coordination of workshops across the globe. As my role has shifted, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many different teams and community members and look forward to continuing working with all of you in the future.

The work of The Carpentries is sustained because of time and effort all of you who host or teach workshops, teach instructor training, maintain lessons, build community regionally and globally, and so much more. In this role I aspire to offer all of you more support in making your role with The Carpentries even easier. That might include automated emails to keep you in the loop as you teach workshops or instructor training, data feeds to help you stay abreast of The Carpentries’ activities and impacts, or improved documentation to help you easily find the information you are looking for – just to name a few ideas!

I would be happy to share more about my work with any of you. If you would like to learn more about the work of the Infrastructure Team or my work in particular, want to share ideas of ways we can be of support, or just want to chat, please email me at I look forward to continuing working with all of you as we learn, collaborate, and contribute to making The Carpentries the best it can be.

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