Now Published: The Carpentries 2021 Annual and Financial Report

2021 Financial and Annual Reports Available - A retrospective on all things Carpentries

This past year’s Annual and Financial Reports are now available. The reports can be found on the reports page, The Carpentries’ central resource for all reports including yearly reports, grant reports, and assessment reports.

We hope you take the time to read these reports to see all the work that our Core Team and community have done in 2021.

2021 Annual Report

The Carpentries Annual Report is an effort to summarize the work done towards our mission in 2021. It is a crucial tool that helps us understand where the community and Core Team have devoted our time, while also helping us know where to focus our efforts in the next year. Additionally, the report provides an opportunity to reflect on where we have been and where we are going.

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2021 Financial Report

The 2021 Financial Report outlines important financial data compiled over the past year, including quarterly financial reports, data on income and expenditures, and year-over-year financial comparisons. This report helps the Executive Council and Core Team evaluate how The Carpentries is performing financially, and informs how we can position The Carpentries for sustainability and continued support of our mission.

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Thank You

Thank you to everyone involved in the creation of these reports, from Erin Becker’s work on creating the data visualizations for the Annual Report, to Talisha Sutton-Kennedy’s extensive work analyzing the financial data. An additional thank you to the Executive Council and our Executive Director for reviewing the reports and writing their messages. And one final thank you to everyone in The Carpentries community for your many, many contributions.

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