A New Year Message from The Carpentries Executive Director

Set your intentions for 2021

Happy New Year Carpentries Community! I did a mindfulness exercise recently that helped me see all the possibilities the new year holds. Many of us set goals at the beginning of the year, or “resolutions”, but I was reminded that setting intentions is an even more powerful exercise. Goals focus on what you want to achieve, while intentions focus on how you want to think, act, or be in the present moment.

I used this framework in the context of my role as Executive Director of The Carpentries. It reminded me of our Core Values; our values describe exactly how I want to think, act, and be as a member of this community. I began to explore all the ways I want to serve this phenomenal organisation, and settled on the following intention:

In 2021, I will act openly, lead with curiosity, and advocate for the growth and development of The Carpentries community.

My intention will help me navigate what each new day will bring. Now, I want to hear from you. Set your 2021 intention for 2021, and bring it with you to each Carpentries interaction this year. If you like, share your intention with us on Twitter, and tag @thecarpentries and @drkariljordan.

See you soon!
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