Call for Proposal Review and CarpentryCon @ Home Regional Hosts

The CarpentryCon @ Home Task Force would appreciate community feedback on proposals, and seeks regional hosts to help facilitate sessions at the conference.

CarpentryCon @ Home kicks off on July 14 and now is a great time for as many as are interested in our community to get involved - comment on session proposals you would like to see, contribute to sessions still looking for help, and volunteer to be a call host for your region. A big thank you to Alfred P. Sloan foundation for making CarpentryCon @ Home possible.

Help Us Review Proposals

We invite you to review sessions proposed for CarpentryCon @ Home by other community members in the issues section of this repository. Reviewing proposals is a two-step process:

  • Read each proposal, ask clarifying questions or volunteer to help run the session in the comments section, and
  • Upvote (using the thumbs-up emoji 👍) or comment on the proposals you would like to see included in the six-week schedule between 14 July - 31 August 2020. Please note that all CarpentryCon @ Home sessions will be expected to adhere to The Carpentries Code of Conduct.

Volunteer to Help Run Specific Sessions

Several proposals are looking for contributors, specific feedback, or session co-chairs. All of the sessions in need of community input can be found under the help wanted tag.

Sign Up As a Regional Session Host

Timezone ranges for CarpentryCon @ Home Timezone ranges for CarpentryCon @ Home

Another way to contribute to CarpentryCon @ Home is by becoming a Regional Session Host. Because CarpentryCon @ Home sessions will be delivered remotely, we are looking for local community members to help host CarpentryCon @ Home sessions slated to take place at specific times. Here is a breakdown of timezones we have bundled up.

What is the role of a Regional Session Host?

Borrowing from The Carpentries guide to running online CarpentryConnect events, the role of Regional Session Hosts will include:

  • Introducing speakers at the start of their session in the online event
  • Recording the session after introducing the speaker(s)
  • Skimming through questions raised during the presentation and decide which ones to prioritise for the time slotted for Q&A
  • Preparing a set of summaries for the last 5 minutes of the call, explaining
    • where attendees can continue with discussions after the virtual session
    • what attendees can expect in the coming days i.e. - recording of the call will be released, for example, an invitation to collaborate on a post-session blog post or survey, etc
  • making sure the Code of Conduct is being followed during the online session.

The CarpentryCon @ Home Task Force will offer an orientation to regional hosts before the event begins.

Sign me up!

To volunteer as a regional host, sign up here Google Doc signup; the timezones are organised in sheets. The task force will be in touch in late June to organise orientation sessions for the hosts and answer questions.

Dialogue & Discussion

Comments must follow our Code of Conduct.

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