A Brief Guide to Lists in The Carpentries' TopicBox

Wondering what lists to subscribe to in The Carpentries TopicBox? Read this helpful guide by Angelique Trusler

COVID-19 has had a big impact on the global Carpentries community. The following are various channels to subscribe to based on the information you might need as we monitor and respond to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

The Carpentries TopicBox has many channels of threaded discussions. The most general and broad discussions revolve around teaching, pedagogy, technology, and tools. More specific channels are aimed at trainers, maintainers as well as instructors. Standalone channels are also available for local Carpentries community discussions.

Below is a list of selected channels found on TopicBox:

Instructor Trainers - A list for topics related to the community of Trainers that prepare new instructors in teaching Data, Software and Library Carpentries lessons. Discuss - A group for general discussion of Carpentry teaching practices and community activities and concerns. Discussion Hosts - The community of instructors that hosts community discussion sessions. Instructors - An admin-only list where opportunities for badged instructors to teach are announced. Maintainers - A list for topics related to the maintenance of Carpentry lessons. local-* - A list for discussing The Carpentries in our local and regional communities

For more information about the various sub-communities and the vocabulary we use to describe them, check out the Join our Community page. Suggestions and requests for new channels to be created can be sent to team@carpentries.org and one of the team will be in touch.

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