Introducing Updated Workshop Request Forms and More

Navigating organising a Carpentries Workshop

I am sooooooooooooooooo excited! I get to be the first one to tell you that the update to the Workshop Request Forms and the Workshops page of the Carpentries website is COMPLETE! Wooohoooo!!!!!

Updated Workshop Request Forms

With the new changes, workshop organisers no longer have to complete long forms with fields that are not applicable to them. We have made it so that you provide us with only the information needed to process your workshop. We have separated the Workshop Request Forms based on the various kinds of workshops that you organise:

  • Workshop Request Form - Use when you are ready to request a Centrally-Organised workshop and you have all of the information we need to begin the process (date, location, curriculum, etc.)
  • Workshop Inquiry Form - Use when you want to host a Centrally-Organised workshop, but you do not have all of the information we need, or you would like to speak with someone to discuss your options
  • Self-Organised Notification Form - Self-Organised Notification Form - For Certified Instructors and Member Organisations to use to register a Self-Organised workshop. Submit your workshop website from our template to share the information about your workshop and get survey links.

You now only need to bookmark one link that will direct you to the form that matches your request.

Updated Workshops Page

Finding information regarding how to organise workshops is now easily accessible. How to organise a Carpentries workshop, the cost of a workshop, the requirements of a workshop and description of The Carpentries lessons can be found on the Workshops page of The Carpentries website

Tracking Non-Standard Workshops

The Carpentries is excited to let our community members know we are piloting tracking non-standard workshops. Non-standard workshops can only be Self-Organised and include any of the following criteria:

  • taught only one day or over a longer period of time than two days
  • teaches individual modules
  • mix and match curricula - combining modules from any lesson programs (DC, LC, SWC) to teach one workshop

As with the standard workshops, there will still be requirements in order for non-standard workshops to be considered “Carpentries”. You must:

Now that we are piloting tracking non-standard workshops, we will accept instructors registering any upcoming workshops. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to track previous workshops. This is a pilot, so we’ll be able to better track and evaluate these workshop formats moving forward.


These changes could not have been possible without the voice of the community. I would like to thank all of the community members who proofread, shared their feedback or offered suggestions. It is our goal to make our resources as accessible as possible. With your help, we are working towards this goal!

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