What’s New at ORCID? A Joint Library Carpentries/ORCID Webinar!

What's new at ORCID? Learn about new features available via ORCID's API 3.0 to connect and share more of your own and community's contributions.

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By Alice Meadows, Chris Erdmann

We are delighted to announce that Library Carpentries and ORCID are co-hosting a webinar on What’s New at ORCID. Registration is free – just add your name here – and there will be plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.

This webinar, at 10am ET on Thursday, May 16, will focus on ORCID’s new API v3.0, launching in May, which includes some valuable new features for researchers, their organizations, and the wider community alike:

New affiliation types. Enabling researchers to be recognized for more of their contributions:

  • Qualifications, such as continuing medical education and other certifications<
  • Membership of an association, society, or other organization
  • Service, for example serving on a Board, as a reviewer, or other volunteer activity
  • Invited positions, such as a visiting fellowship
  • Distinctions, including prizes and awards

Research resources. To connect information about the use of facilities and equipment, special collections, and other resources to ORCID records

Schema changes. To ensure everyone can see the source of information on ORCID records

We’re especially pleased that we will be joined by some special guests from the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL) at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), an ORCID member organization and early adopter of our API 3.0. Their Deputy for User Services, Terry J Law, and her colleagues Nathan Tenney (Developer) and Courtney Carpenter (Data Analyst) will share their experience of implementing the new API, including adding information about EMSL’s resources to their researchers’ records (see example below).

ORCID Screenshot

We warmly invite anyone who’s interested in learning more about ORCID’s new API v3.0 to join us on May 16!

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