The Carpentries in New Zealand

Meet the NZ Regional Coordinator

On 11-March the New Zealand (NZ) Regional Coordinator will be hosting a Community Discussion for anyone interested in or currently involved with The Carpentries program. Here, the many faces of The Carpentries in NZ can touch base and share ideas.

We will discuss the history of The Carpentries in New Zealand, talk about where the community is headed, and, most importantly, highlight the support channels that you have access to as a member of The Carpentries in New Zealand.

You will be introduced to New Zealand’s newest Carpentries Regional Coordinator- Megan Guidry - and have the opportunity to share your Software, Data, or Library Carpentry experience.

Successes, critiques, and comments are all welcome. If you are a Carpentries Instructor/Helper/Learner/Community Member, want to run your own Carpentries Workshops, or just want to know more about how The Carpentries can help your team, this call is for you!

Please sign up on the etherpad to let us know you are planning to attend. To join the zoom meeting, simply go here at 1:00PM NZDT on Monday, March 11, 2019.

For more information visit The Carpentries or email Megan Guidry.

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