Announcing the Top 10 FAIR Data Things Global Sprint

A global sprint to develop 10 FAIR things resources for data in different disciplines

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Announcing the Top 10 FAIR Data Things Global Sprint

Join us on 29-30 November 2018, for the Top 10 FAIR Data Things Global Sprint! The Sprint is being organised by Library Carpentry, Australian Research Data Commons and the Research Data Alliance Libraries for Research Data Interest Group in collaboration with FOSTER Open Science, OpenAire, RDA Europe, Data Management Training Clearinghouse, California Digital Library, Dryad, AARNet, Center for Digital Scholarship at the Leiden University, and DANS.

The Goal of the Sprint

We are using this Sprint to develop Top 10 FAIR Data Things resources by research disciplines and/or themes. We’ve created the following primer (instructions) to help you plan and develop your resources:

Top 10 FAIR Data Things Sprint Primer (Instructions)

The objective is to create brief guides (stand alone, self paced training materials) that can be used by the research community to understand FAIR in different contexts as well as some initial steps to consider.

We are also planning an introductory webinar in mid November, where you can familiarize yourself with the topic of FAIR data, the 10 things, and how the Sprint will work. Information about the webinar and how to register will be released shortly.

How to Join the Sprint

Anyone in the world can contribute, from researchers to librarians, and anyone else who works with research data or provides research data support.

Step 1

Reach out to colleagues in the research community who you would like to team up with to create the resource. Or, you can use the registration table to express your interest in working on a discipline/theme.

Step 2

Register yourself and/or your team by listing the discipline/theme you will be working on during the Sprint, your site/affiliation, yourself, and others you are working with here:

Registration and Coordination - Top 10 FAIR Data Things

You can also add a link to the collaborative doc you will be using during the Sprint if you would like to start working on your resource beforehand.

How the Sprint Will Work

You can start working straight away on your Top 10 FAIR Data Things resource. There will be designated people available to answer questions at most times during the Sprint. We will use the Library Carpentry Gitter Top 10 FAIR chat room to wrangle those questions and clarifications. Join the chat room at any time using your GitHub username or your Twitter handle.

During the Sprint, you will be able to ask questions via scheduled Zoom video conference calls (join via which we will also use for coordination and networking. If you are not sure about something, please post a question in the chat room (directed to someone in particular, if need be) and someone will get back to you.

How the Sprint Will Be Organised

  • Registered sprinters start working at different times around the world. Individuals and groups will organise their own work and report back on how things are going during Zoom video conference calls, via the chat room, or through the daily handovers (where the baton will be passed on to the next locations).
  • Handovers will take place at the end of the work day in the southern hemisphere and at the beginning of the new work day there.
  • Sprinters can work on whatever discipline or theme they like for their resources. Ask questions or coordinate with others in the chat room and/or via Zoom.
  • Dedicated Google docs will be created for each resource being worked on - they will be listed on the registration and coordination doc once the Sprint is underway. We will be using the Top 10 FAIR Data Things Global Sprint folder to organise the resources.
  • Links to video calls will also be posted on the registration and coordination doc, with the scheduled times - all links will show the time and date in your zone.
  • You can use the Sprint to network. Use the Sprint to meet other people virtually and talk about other opportunities and challenges around FAIR.

At the End of the Sprint

We will work with sprinters to upload their resources to the Library Carpentry GitHub repository and also cross post this work via the partners and collaborators communication channels.

Social Media and Communications

The Sprint Hashtag is #Top10FAIR.

The Twitter handles of the sprint organizers are: @LibCarpentry, @ands_nectar_rds, @resdatall, @RDA_Europe, @fosterscience, @aarnet, @ESIPfed, @CalDigLib, @datadryad, @AARNet, @ubleiden, and @DANSKNAW. If you post images on Instagram or Facebook, please send us a link via the chat room so we can tweet them.

Please Note: If you would like to include your organization as a collaborator, please contact Natasha Simons and Chris Erdmann.

Dialogue & Discussion

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