No More Self-Organised Workshop Fees

Executive Council moves to eliminate Self-Organised workshop fees

To bring Software and Data Carpentry Self-Organised workshop fees into agreement with one another, the 2018 Executive Council passed a motion to eliminate the $500 fee charged to host organisations for Self-Organised Data Carpentry workshops.

Why eliminate the Self-Organised workshop fee?

Until 2018, Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry operated side-by-side but independently, each with their own governing bodies and executive directors. While the two organisations shared some processes and staff, decisions about things like workshop fees were made independently. Along with the 2018 merger came a need to unify and streamline operations. Data Carpentry required a $500 fee, while Software Carpentry required no fee for Self-Organised workshop but rather requested an optional $500 donation. To eliminate the confusion this has created within our community and to encourage Self-Organised workshops, we have brought these two policies into alignment by eliminating the $500 host organisation fee from Self-Organised Data Carpentry workshops as well as the suggested $500 donation for Self-Organised Software Carpentry workshops.

How is a Self-Organised workshop different from a Centrally-Organised one?

The fee for workshops Centrally-Organised by Carpentries staff remains the same at $2500 USD. Carpentries staff take care of finding instructors to teach the workshop, help to finalise dates and curriculum, and set up registration. Those who choose to self-organise must take care of these important details themselves.

What is the impact of Self-Organised workshop fee removal?

While workshop fees are an important source of revenue for The Carpentries, most of this income is generated when Carpentries staff organise and administer workshops rather than when workshop hosts do so. Removal of the $500 Self-Organised workshop fee will have minimal impact on Carpentries finances, and will foster more workshops in places that lack the resources to pay fees. By removing the fee we hope to see more workshops organised by groups of people who have the passion and commitment to run workshops, but not the funds to do so. This one small decision will help to grow and spread local Carpentries communities, and will help us live up to our tagline to teach foundational coding and data science skills to researchers worldwide.

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