Updates to Privacy Policy

Updates to privacy policy and option to be included on our new website

Individual control and transparency are core Carpentries’ principles, and we have gone through an evaluation of our privacy policy to update it for the merged Carpentries organisation as well as for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We want to share updates in the privacy policy and use this as an opportunity for Instructors to update their records and opt-in to being included on our new website.

Updating Instructor records and being added to The Carpentries Instructor website

With the move to our new website, we want to provide an updated list of Instructors. Instructors who opt-in will be included on the website. To protect privacy, any Instructor who does NOT opt-in will not be listed. We’ve added a ‘consent to publish profile’ checkbox to Instructor profiles, and we’ll use that information to update the Instructor list on our website.

We use some of the information you provide in our lesson release. To associate your contributions on our lessons with your research papers, we encourage you to provide us with your ORCID identifier. If you do not already have one, consider creating one, it only takes a few seconds and helps you get credit for all your research, software/code contributions and these curriculum products.

Have you moved since our records were last updated? Check your Instructor profile, and update your location (and possibly your email contact details). As we start to build more regional communities, there will be opt-in options to help you better connect with your local community.

Privacy policy updates

Updated Privacy Policy

We updated our privacy policy to make it more clear and concise, with sections on the different ways that people currently interact with our community, whether in-person or online. Each section includes both ‘What information do we collect?’ and ‘How do we use the information?’ sections. We also include explicit information on how you can be removed from our database if you want to be removed. We have also updated the security settings in our database to reflect current practices.

As always, please contact us if you have questions about The Carpentries and your data privacy, and thank you for being a part of the community!

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